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Jiu-Jitsu Sunday Service

Hello students! March 12th is JIU-JITSU SUNDAY at Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church. All students are invited to come, share and discuss with the Andrew Riverside Community how Jiu-Jitsu has improved your life. This is a great way to get to know all the people that are involved in making Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu happen at Southside!! Many of you do not know how Southside BJJ came into existence, we didn't just appear out of nowhere, we didn't start in a traditional business manner, we had a community of generous individuals working together to make this happen. Coming to this event is a great way to show Kathy Smith a BIG THANK YOU for all the snacks and efforts she and her organization provides for us. This event is also a great way for us to educated all of the people who attend church what Jiu Jitsu is and how it can help them too. There is no greater way to do that then have our students show up.

Do you receive scholarships for training BJJ? Want to know how we are able to provide those? Dan and Kathy Smith have a great hand in that, they helped us to apply for funding that allows us to help with those costs. It is with the help of Dan and Kathy Smith that we can offer the competitive rates without compromising our quality.

COME JOIN US MARCH 12th! ENRIQUE will be speaking!!


Sunday Morning 10:30 AM

What to Expect: Sunday morning worship is a casual affair. Service lasts 60-75 mins, with a good portion of that time used for active discussion. Coffee & pastries provided. Come when you can, wear what you please, bring friends.

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