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Enrique Muniz was born in Mexico City, Mexico .  A byproduct of a broken home, he sought out martial arts as a way of coping with a negative family environment and as a way to change his life. He started martial arts at age 15 in the Polynesian Martial Arts. From there he moved on to train at the IMB Academy Mexico City under Guro Jerry Arrechea where he learned Filipino stick/knife fighting, Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu/grappling. There he fell in love with Jiu-Jitsu, which has been his passion and lifestyle ever since. 

He has trained at renowned academies such as Alliance, CheckMat, Marcelo Garcia Academy, Gracie Barra, under many Jiu jitsu greats and World Champions. 

Enrique is a black belt and trains under Professor Adrian Ricci of Team Sukata.  He has also competed at a high level, having won several national and state tournaments. 


-2018 Fight2Win Pro 78 winner brown belt main event 

-2018 IBJJF PanAms 3rd place masters 3 brown belt

-2017 Fight2Win Pro 50 winner brown belt 175 lbs

-2010 IBJJF PanAms 3rd place masters 2 purple belt

-2010 NAGA Chicago 2nd place masters purple belt 

-2007 NAGA Chicago 1st place adult blue belt 

-2007 NAGA Chicago 1st place masters blue belt

-2006 NAGA Chicago 3rd place gi blue belt 

-2006 NAGA Chicago 3rd place no gi intermediate 

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Assistant Coach Nik Seu

A native of Honolulu, Nik began his BJJ journey in 2009 while attending college at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, and received his brown belt in 2019 from Edmund Li ( Sapateiro Bjj), a  Nova Uniao black belt. In 2017, Nik moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, and started training at Southside BJJ. It was here that he discovered his passion for teaching as a way to not only empower  others but also as a way to give back to an artform that has taught him so much throughout life. Nik recently graduated with his Masters in Security Technologies in 2018 and now works full time for a local security consulting agency here in the Twin Cities. Nik  brings with him years of life experience and BJJ techniques, and can relate to students from the university looking to train as well as longtime learners of BJJ looking to get back into the sport.


Assistant Coach Timothy Leung

Timothy Leung is a purple belt under professor Enrique Muniz from Minneapolis by way of Kaneohe, Hawaii.  After wrestling in high school, his fascination with martial arts brought him to his first BJJ gym in 2016. He’s been living and breathing the sport ever since. A dedicated tournament competitor, Tim understands the mental and physical effort required to produce consistent results on the mats. The only thing he loves as much as training, fighting and winning is helping his students and peers do the same. His achievements are: Fight2Win 118 winner, Fulton BrewJitsu 2019 winner, Sub Hunt: 1st place (Blue) x1, Grappling Industries: 1st place (Blue) x4 (Purple) x1 2nd place (Blue) x1 (Purple) x1, Submission Challenge: 1st place (Blue) x2, St. Croix Valley Grappling Games: 1st place (Intermediate No Gi) x1, FUI BJJ: 2nd place (Purple) x1, Valhalla Combat: Warrior of the Night x2, Fight2Win 118 Winner, Fight2Win 187 Winner, Fight2Win 212 Winner, Fulton BrewJitsu 2019 Winner, Sub Hunt 1st place Blue, Submission Challenge 1st place Blue (x2), Grappling Industries 1st place Blue (x4) Purple (x2) Absolute Nogi (x1) Absolute Gi Purple (x1), FUJI Twin Cities 1st place Purple (x2) Advanced NoGi (x1), NAGA 1st place Advanced NoGi, Valhalla Combat Warrior of the Night (x2), IBJJF Chicago Spring Open NoGi 1st place, Overall Record: 108 - 32 - 3

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